Neatly sock drawer

I love my pantry revamp! I seriously open the door just to stare at it. Lori was super knowledgeable with helping me choose how to categorize everything. She also made sure to put the items used most within an easy reach. The revamp has made my life so much easier. I know where everything is and can quickly locate an item when needed. Thank you so much for your organization skills.

Ashley B.


Lori took my completely disorganized "craft room" and tediously went through all the supplies I had to turn it into a useable space I'm already enjoying. She gave me suggestions for how to better use the space and I'm thankful for her skills! Highly recommend!

Emily M.


I highly recommend Waste Knot Studio! I am very pleased with the work Lori did in reorganizing my garage & downstairs storage. I had 30 years of accumulation from a home business ad 7 years of a blended marriage that resulted in a lot of stuff and multiple things. She was able to clean out, clean up, repurpose and organize both areas. The end result was amazing. Everything is more accessible, easy to find, functional and labeled! She also organized a pantry closet that now looks and works great!

Sandy R.

Working with Lori was a great investment in multiple ways. She's comforting, creative, and courageous when it comes to her organizational approach. As a result of our hard work together, my family now enjoys functional spaces that incorporate the various needs of our 5 person family. It feels indescribably good to have a designated place for everything and this has resulted in simplified, more regular cleaning routines. I would recommend Lori to anyone seeking help with organizing small spaces or tackling larger, hoarding type projects. She's got a knack for what she does and helped our family immensely!   

Leiah G.

I highly recommend hiring Lori, even for a couple hours. Whether it's to do the job for you or to work along side you, her presence and skills are amazing at accomplishing your goals. We are getting ready for a move, and her help made the process so much easier and more efficient!

Jill A.

Working with Lori to organize the basement was a joy. In a matter of hours, we tidied a space that had been cluttered and disorganized for years. Thanks to Lori, our basement is now a useful space for both storage and projects and I look forward to having her help with future projects- next up is the garage! Lori is a joy to work with and is professional and focused while fun to be around.  I recommend her for any organization projects you have around your home!

Katherine W.

Lori was amazingly helpful with organizing several large areas that had been overwhelming me since we moved into this house 4 years ago. With her assistance I basically was able to take a cluttered catch all room and turn it into a useable and much loved craft and family room. It's like we got a whole new addition! I will definitely be calling her again when it's time to put away my Christmas decorations.

Jacqueline S.