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Upcycled Placemats

Lori Hager, Professional Organizer and Artist

On Instagram and Facebook I've rolled out #SustainableSaturday to feature products, projects, life hacks, and tips for a more sustainable life. Focusing on how it can also keep you more organized. However, other times it just gives you a chance to see some of the ways I've upcycled "garbage" into useful works of art.

An example of someone else’s trash becoming my treasure. I made these pillows from plain yellow linen placemats to add some much needed personality in our basement space. They were previously destined for donations but I was enamored with their cheerful color.

Detail of embroidery work on placemat pillows

I could probably have just gone with the yellow for a pop of color but.... I’m a bit extra 😜

First I copied a mandala designs from a coloring book and transferred them onto the placemats. Then I wandered around Pinterest to find some embroidery tutorials. Which I always find quite fun.😊

After the design was created I found some material to bridge the gap and stuffed the beauties to make a pillow

Don’t you just love them?!They’re now my pride and joy.

Detail of embroidery work on placemat pillows

For a more detailed look at them head to my Instagram stories for a quick video on how they were constructed!

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