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Tip Toeing Through a Lifetime

There I was, standing in the middle of the room. Trying to map out how to tip toe from the living room to the kitchen without knocking over 20+ years worth of accumulated things.

On this particular day I was helping an elderly couple move. They had so many things they didn’t know where to start. It was, to say the least, very overwhelming. 😱

Did they need it? Could they fit that in their new space? Did their kids REALLy want it? Will they come get it in the next week? Unfortunately the answer to most of these questions was “No.” Then we would only pack up what was needed and leave the rest for another day after they moved.

Over an entire lifetime you can easily accumulate way too much stuff. Even if what you’ve collected is priceless works of beautiful art, too much of good thing is just TOO MUCH. You can’t hang it all up on your walls now, so why would you take it to your new downsized home?

Thats why it’s so important to routinely go through your items and purge what you do not want BEFORE it becomes overwhelming. If someone wants something you longer want GIVE THEM A DEADLINE to come get it. Your home should not be a storage unit (especially for someone else).

I can rearrange, fill shelves, and organize all your things to look amazing but the true magic is in you letting go of unwanted items and reclaiming some OPEN FREE SPACE.

Once the couple had moved and we unpacked all their items barely ever miss all the other “stuff” that was left in their old home. There’s generally a huge sense of relief from being lifted out of that old space. Giving them a fresh start!

Lori Hager, Professional Organizer and Artist Louisville KY
Lori Hager, Professional Organizer and Artist

If your home has gotten to a place where starting the purging, organizing, or packing process has gotten overwhelming, contact me. Having an organizer there asking the tough questions in a supportive and loving manner can do wonders to lighten up your home.

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