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Protect Your Memories!

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

A 4th grade version of Lori Hager, Waste Knot Studio founder
A 4th grade version of Lori Hager, Waste Knot Studio founder

Look at this little baby Lori! I *think* this was around 4th grade or so. Boy was this a ‘moment’ in time 😜

That hair, those clothes, the big plastic glasses. Classic. It would be a travesty if this moment in time was lost or damaged. Proper photo storage is so important. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found family memories like these crumpled in heap. Tips for proper printed photo storage:

1) Correct size and type of container. The important thing to look for in whatever box, album, or sleeves you use is that they are archival quality, and that are photo safe, acid, lignin and PVC free. Also avoid over or under filling containers as both can cause photos to curl overtime. 2) Ideally, when choosing the spot you'll keep your family's pictures, you'll think about these three conditions: humidity, temperature; and light. You want each to be constant and not fluctuate due to weather. So garages, attics, and most basement are not idle storage areas. 3) The biggest things to consider include protecting your photos from insect or rodent damage and from excess water. Look for containers that seal and keep them away from any place with the potential for excess water. 4) When handling your photos, and also negatives, you should have clean dry non-lotioned hands. Always hold photos and negatives by the edge, and never put your fingers directly onto them. Your fingerprints contain oils and other chemicals that can permanently leave a mark on the photos or negatives. 5) Scan them all and go digital as a back up plan. That way if anything like a flood, fire, etc destroys the originals you’ll have them all saved digitally. ✨What’s the state of your photo collection? Are you confident they’re being cared for properly or is it time for a weekend project to take care of your loved ones?✨

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