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I Never Liked to Organize My Own Stuff

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

I was a typical messy child with piles and piles of toys scattered everywhere in room, but somehow I knew where they all were. In my mind it all made sense, but to everyone else it was a disaster. From then on I figured everyone thinks I’m messy, might as well stay that way.

Flash forward to my 1st job. Left alone behind the counter I decided to do something about the confusing state of affairs hidden from the customers view. Office supplies, broken hardware and pottery (it was a pottery shop ;), old paint, snacks, and paperwork jammed into every nook and cranny. It wasn’t efficient and I had the overwhelming desire to fix it.

So I did, and it was GLORIOUS!!!

I had discovered a new passion in life, I just didn’t know what to do with it yet. I definitely didn’t go home and start cleaning up my own stuff. Heck no. I wouldn’t be ready to conquer my own demons for another 15 years!

Organizing has been a lifelong evolution from controlled chaos to a more simple lifestyle. Come along on my journey if you’d like to find out helpful hints for getting your own space in order. Like my Instagram and Facebook page to get up to date information and new posts daily.

Alternative Yarn and Craft Storage
Alternative Yarn and Craft Storage

**Pictured here is a small section of my studio space. I love yarn (hence the name Waste "Knot" Studio) and decided to create a special way to display it. Also, repurposed milk crates on an old shoe display discarded by Kohl's contain various other projects neatly.**

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