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The Holidays Are Here!

Is your house ready for company? Is there room in your coat closet for extra coats? Do you remember where you stashed those presents.... have you even gotten presents??

Lori Hager sporting her favorite seasonal Turkey Hat!
Turkey time with Lori Hager

Here are some quick tasks to keep your

Holiday Merry and your Spirits Bright!

#1 A Gift Planner. Figure out who you need presents for and set a budget for each person. There are a couple sites you can download a printable version from like Lia Griffith or go digital and grab an app like The Christmas List . (no affiliation)

#2 Designate Gift Storage. Your purchasing presents now where should you put them? Once you've found a convenient (but secure) location employ some simple cardboard boxes to separate by family, friend, work, etc. so that gifts are easier to find come wrapping time.

#3 House Cleaning. All our houses need a deep clean occasionally and right before company is the perfect time to light a fire under your butt and get it all done. Create a quick cleaning checklist and get to it. You can hold a house meeting and divvy up the chores as well. If time doesn't allow for you to clean or you just hate doing it, hire someone! I have quite a few recommendations of great cleaners in the Louisville area. 

#4 Declutter Everything. If you need a game plan for clutter start in the kitchens (pantry and fridge) and bathrooms. These two areas will be the most used and most noticeable for clutter. 

#5 Gift Wrap Station. Keep all the wrapping supplies rounded up. Stock up on tape and ribbons, and return your scissors to the same location every time with no exceptions. Those scissors are so sneaky! I suggest a hook, magnetic strip, or even a long string to attach them to.

#6 Toy Purge. If you have children now is the time to lighten the load. You can donate, consign, or find a group of fellow parents to do a free toy swap with (my personal favorite). You're likely to get a bunch more toys coming your way very soon. Also, BUY BATTERIES of all sizes. You're going to need them handy.

#7 Meal Planning. Even if you're bringing a side dish to an event planning is key this time of year. The grocery store is packed and can even run out of essential items if you get there to late. Save yourself the stress and buy what you need as early as possible. My go-to side item is maple glazed sweet potatoes with bacon and caramelized onions. It's delicious!

#8 Enjoy Yourself! Play games, speak your mind, engage with long lost friends and family, and celebrate. Whatever doesn't get tackled on this list can be dealt with in the new year. Don't get bogged down with what you "should" be doing, and get on with what you "are" doing. 

10% Off Organizing Services this Holiday Season
10% Off Organizing Services this Holiday Season

Yes that's right! 10% of all services this Holiday Season! 

If you need help ASAP with your pantry, closets, basements, packing/unpacking, etc. before the holidays then this is the deal for you!

During the holidays I also offer gift wrapping, decor unboxing/setup, and decor pack up services.

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