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Happy Earth Day!?!

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Make every day EARTH DAY
Make every day EARTH DAY

A major part of my job is dealing with clutter and inevitably plastic waste takes up quite a bit of my time. You might think you’re in the clear because you recycle, but honestly it’s not enough. A whopping 91% of plastic isn’t recycled according to study done last year. Plastic is made to last forever, it cannot biodegrade.


The theme of this years Earth Day is dedicated to providing information and inspiration needed to eventually end plastic pollution. Plastic is everywhere and single us items like straws, cups, bags, and togo containers are the worst offenders.


Recently my family has taken strides to get back on track with our disposable usage. In the past I carried around a metal bento style box whenever we dined out for leftovers. However, I have fallen out of practice and I’m guilty of quite a few plastic straws. The box will be making a comeback and I also plan to buy a couple FinalStraw for on the go use. I have started to request a regular glass instead of the kid cup for my son at restaurants. I’m also hoping to convince my husband to take up Plogging (Swedish fitness craze where joggers pick up trash while out for their daily run), Which probably won’t be too hard.*


Here are more suggestions from the Earth Day Network on how to reduce your plastic footprint:

✨Every time you consider buying a disposable plastic item, ask yourself: Do I absolutely need this? Can I use something else that I already have? Could I buy something that I can use long-term instead?

✨Pick up plastic trash whenever you see it, especially in ponds, streams, rivers and on beaches. (Plogging!)

✨Don't buy products containing microbeads, which are plastic particles commonly found in exfoliating body washes and facial scrubs.

✨When possible, purchase clothing and other items made of natural fibers. Wash synthetic clothes less frequently to reduce the amount of microfibers that are released.

✨Get involved in local legislation and regulation to reduce and recycle plastics.

*Since writing this post I have already convinced my husband that plogging is his new favorite thing ;)

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