• Lori Hager

Fancy FREE ;)

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Give your toilet paper the "seal" of approval

Want to feel like a fancy pants for FREE?! ✨ Check out this quick toilet paper trick that’ll make you feel like

you’re living in a swanky hotel. ✨ Step 1: fold end square into a triangle. ✨ Step 2: turn on sink faucet, then turn off. ✨ Step 3: wipe off excess water from the tap. ✨ Step 4: gently press toilet paper to the mouth of the faucet in desired

location (slightly above the point of the triangle) ✨ Step 5: let dry and enjoy! Seal will stay intact until pulled apart. . ✨ If you’re the crafty type with rubber decorative stamps or wax sealing

stamps you could also use those with some water. 🤗 ✨

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