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Dirty Dishes are the Bane of my Existence

I hate them so much, but I ❤️❤️❤️to cook. And there is the rub, cooking= dishes😓

Currently though, I’m deep in the throws of a slow kitchen renovation. Coupled with school for both my husband and son, work, birthdays, and travel my house is an absolute disaster.

I muddled my way through it all last week since I had a short break in work, but I had to tap out. It was way to much for me to handle on my own. On Sunday my husband took a break from homework and we did what I call “tornado clean”. You pump up the jams and attack your house with feverish intensity for an hour or so.

We did not get the house clean in an hour, but we did make it much more livable. We focused on the living room and basement (hoped for the kitchen as well but ran out of time). It was a hard reset, and boy did I need it. From there I was able to finish tasks that I had been treading water on earlier that week… like dishes. Plus I could cook again! Hallelujah 🙌🏼

Has your house gotten so far from you that even a tornado clean wouldn’t touch it? Some of my clients call on me for jump start, so they can get a leg up on the clutter. This may look like focusing our your closet or pantry, or similar area that is really bogging you down. I highly suggest finishing a space to completion at one time while your elbows deep in it, but sometimes life happens.

Seeing that huge change in a few short hours can alter your perception on your whole house and propel you towards a more organized and harmonious home.

✨Is there a place in your home where you CRAVE an oasis of calm and order?

White and Blue Kitchen Inspiration
White and Blue Kitchen Inspiration

*Picture is of my kitchen inspiration. Definitely not the current state of affairs*

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