• Lori Hager

Cleaning, Stress, and Company.

You want to see your friends, but your house is a mess. The thought of cleaning it up sounds incredibly overwhelming, so you don’t. You just don’t.

I personally love having company over. I know that’s not everyones cup of tea, but it fills me with so much joy. However work, kids, and busy schedules make it pretty hard for adults to hang out regularly. As it stands we generally have a get together at our tiny nugget of a house about once a month. Some are just dinner dates, others are full on parties, and everything in between.

Do I have the perfect home for entertaining? Yes! No, Maybe??? I live in a 1000 Sq Ft house in a cul-de-sac with zero parking. My kitchen has been in halted renovations since September of last year. I used to have only one bathroom the flushed 💩 properly

Does that really matter? Nope, not one bit.

Lori Hager, Professional Organizer and Artist Louisville KY
Lori Hager, Professional Organizer and Artist

Do I clean until my house is spic and span? Usually, but honestly I don’t think any of my friends really care. They’re just as excited as we are to see each other.

I clean for me. It makes me feel good when I can show off my home and all it’s unique quirks. Plus having company gives me a deadline to finish cleaning. Which I really REALLY need!

Cleaning does NOT come naturally to me. If it wasn’t for knowing where every item “should” go I would definitely loathe it. Organization is what saves me during my “clean the house for company” sprees. Cleaning isn’t easy, but it can be quicker and more effective if you have organizational systems set up.

If everything wasn’t organized I would: 1) Drive my husband batty. 2)Turn into a hot mess of pre-company anxiety. 3)Toss everything into “the closet” or room and forbid anyone from opening the door. (Which inevitably would get opened by accident)

Essentially it’s all about getting the chance to hang out with the people I love, friends and family. If that means offering up my house, so be it. I am willing to make that happen.

With Spring weather, Easter, Derby, Mothers Day, and Memorial Day coming soon it’s the perfect time to have company over!

Open the windows and your doors to the friends and family you love!

When was the last time you had company over?!

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