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Can you SMELL THAT?!?

No no no. Not that pile of dirty laundry in your room😅


Lori Hager (Banana) & Milo (Monkey) dressed up for Halloween
Lori (Banana) & Milo (Monkey) dressed up for Halloween

It’s my favorite time of the year. The slight chill in the air gives me an excuse to get warm and cozy with ALL the soft fluffy stuff (Hello couch blankets😍). Explore the outdoors more with hiking, dog walking during the DAY, bonfires, going to all the family festivals, and Hallow-freakin-ween! 🎃👻🧟‍♀️

Oh gosh, I just got myself super hyped 🤗

But ya know what else fall is? It’s a season of big changes. Sure Spring usually gets all the glory in this aspect, but fall is just as transformative (just ask my sinuses🤧). Your wardrobe pulls a 180˙, kids are in school, and the the holiday season is starting to ramp up (Hallow-freakin-ween!)

Starting with your wardrobe is a great way to see big change in your life immediately. Don’t just arbitrarily switch clothes out. Go through your summer clothes one by one before putting them away. 👙Is that stretched out swimsuit worth saving till next year? 👚How about those 5+ tops you didn’t wear all summer even though you knew they existed? 👖Should you retire those sad shorts that are 2 sizes too small that your only saving for “just in case”? Go with your first reaction, and try to stay objective.

Also do the same for your Fall/Winter clothes. Check to see if they weathered storage well, they still fit properly, and are in line with your current style. If they fail any of those questions, then its time to thank them for their service and release them from your home 🧦🧤🧣

Heck, you may even be interested in moving towards the world of capsule wardrobes! Fall is the perfect time to explore this minimalistic trend of streamlining your style by mixing and matching basics to create new looks. Check out some great local stores and boutiques like that focus on quality pieces of clothing versus quantity.

Fall also brings school for my son, which I am VERY much enjoying. My availability during the week has skyrocketed! Thats why I decided to celebrate by offering ✨10% OFF EVERYTHING✨ through the month of September. If you need help getting your home or office in order now is a great time to pounce!

Celebrate this fantastic season of change with me! I’ll even bring you a pumpkin spiced something or other when we meet 🎃😄 It’s a win win!

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