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Behold the Fearsome Viking!

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Protector of the Hager household. Maker of joy since 2011. Indispensable keepsake for life.

Knick knacks, tchotchkes, trinkets, baubles, etc. adorn every single living space I’ve ever been in. However the quantity, arrangement, and styles vary wildly. Some places have artfully minimal decor, while others have an objects placed on every flat surface that can be found.

When it comes to trinkets ask yourself a few questions. Can you actually see all of them or are too many to catch in one glance? Are they arranged with space or are they clumped together and crowded? Are there more hiding in storage somewhere else in your house that you are unable to enjoy or let go of?

For you to truly appreciate your items they need space to command attention. If there are too many they will be visually fighting for attention. Which in turn creates an uneasiness in the viewer making the scene overwhelming. This is now Visual Clutter.

Visual clutter happens when our eyes cannot rest. When they’re constantly scanning, moving and taking in everything in our surroundings. For some people visual clutter can cause and intense sense of inward chaos and disharmony because the eye and mind are never able to rest.

Tips to reduce visual clutter with decorative baubles:

1. Gather up all your knick knacks you like to display in one pile. Grab your no brainer, got to have them, can’t live without them objects first. (Ahem, Viking 😁)

2. Now snatch up the objects that you can definitely live without. Think hand me downs, gifts, and others that just aren’t your style anymore. Donate, gift, or sell them. Remove them from your house before they cause more clutter.

3. What are you left with? Maybe there is a collection of porcelain dolls but you only LOVE 2 of them. If they are truly worth some money (look it up) perhaps store them for later or sell them to fund a rewarding experience.

4. Still too much to comfortably set out everything you love? Perhaps you need to set up a rotation that changes biannually. You most likely already do this with holiday decor. Why not have a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter trinket swap?

5. Keep the visual clutter at bay. Find something that you want to buy to spruce up your space? Great! But where are you going to put it? Be very mindful of what you bring in to your house and that each item demands space so that your visually don’t become overwhelmed. Use the one in, one out method. Remember that this method only works if you exchange items of similar size. A large wooden viking is not an equal swap for an ornament.

Keep these tips in mind when sorting, buying, giving tchotchkes a home. Your eyes and mind will be very happy you did.

Do you have a prized object in you home that you would never dream of getting rid of? Comment with it below!🧡

* This Viking is so beloved I painted it onto my husbands very first Fathers Day shirt! *

Hand painted Viking with mushrooms on Fathers Day t-shirt
The Mighty Viking immortalized on my husbands 1st Fathers Day T-shirt.

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