How it Works

Contact Me

Call for a chat, send me an email, or fill out the form on our Contact page. Let's get to know each other by having a conversation about your goals for organization. We'll find out if we're a good fit to work together.  I want you to know you can trust me to respect your space, and collaborate on your goals in a non-judgmental way.

Create your project list

You may have already started a list, but don’t worry if you haven’t. I can help you create one. Once we've set a date for your 30-min in home consultation I'll email you a copy of my project worksheet. We'll review that worksheet, creating a project list which will include time estimates for each task. We can prioritize your projects, take measurements for the space, and collect any other information we need to complete it. After that we're ready to get started!

Choose your structure

Depending on the range of complexity within your projects you may choose to pay my hourly rate daily, or purchase a package deal based upon our projected time estimates. For more information on rates and packages click here

Let's get to Work!

On day one we'll work together to sort through your items, unless you choose to do this before our 1st day. You can rest assured that I will not throw out any of your belongings without your consent. Once the sorting is finished I will get to work arranging your items in a way that suits your lifestyle. At this point you can be completely hands off and enjoying the fact that all your clutter is being handle by professional.

Organized tool rack