Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to do before the session?

Not a thing! Please do not clean up before I come over for a consultation. I will not pass judgement on the clutter, I’m here to help and I need to see what’s working (or not working) in the space to do that.

  • Are our meetings confidential?

Yes, absolutely. All information, including your name, other family members, address and any other personal information is all kept confidential.  We do not share or sell your info.

  • Is it okay if my kids or a friend are here while we work?

I want our time to be as efficient and productive as it can be and to provide you with the maximum value. With this in mind, I recommend in-home childcare or a time when kids are away for the most focused work environment. Friends can be helpful, but also add more opinions and choices in the air. Which is not always conducive to our task at hand. That being said, the final decision is up to you.

  • What is the difference between a Professional Organizer and a Housekeeper?

It's hard to invest in something you've never experienced before and many people are new to Professional Organizing.  They may mistakenly assume that an organizer is going to simply clean. As a Professional Organizer, I see the big picture of what’s not working in the space and offer creative solutions that can completely transform the space, not just put clean  items back into a faulty system. However, I will tidy up (run vacuum, dust/wipe shelves, etc.) while organizing any given area.

  • What does a Professional Organizer do?

Professional organizers work with clients to enhance their lives by developing custom organizing systems and teaching organizational skills. Clients often have busy schedules and quickly become frustrated by their own lack of organization. Professional organizers assist in these situations by taking control of the chaos in the client's life and allowing them to more effectively manage their time, paperwork or closet clutter.​

  • Will I need to throw my things away?

I try to encourage you to make choices on items that don't bring you joy. The final decision on anything we do is up to you  and I will always respect your choice. Change is a process and if you choose to move towards a more minimal lifestyle, it will likely happen in stages. I will not throw away or donate any items without your consent.

  • Will you take my items to Donate?

Yes! I will take any items I can reasonably fit into my hatchback in one trip and deposit items at Goodwill, St. Vincent De Paul, or other various charities (depending on the items being donated). Free of charge, which ever is closest to you. I'll bring your donation slip to our next appointment. I can also recycle plastic grocery bags, batteries, and cfl lightbulbs. Bags must be checked to ensure everything inside is meant for donation.I will also dispose of up to 2 bags of garbage. If a dumpster rental is deemed necessary the client is solely responsible for payment.

  • What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Wednesday from 8 am-3:30 pm, Thursday 2 pm- 8 pm, Saturday from 4 pm-9 pm, and Sunday from 10 am- 6 pm.  In a time crunch? I will make exceptions and will do my very best to make it happen.​​

  • Do you take before and after pictures and if so how are they used?

I document all of my jobs and sometimes post them with your consent on my website, social networking platforms, and promotional materials. I sometimes identify jobs by neighborhood, but never by client name. If you do not want me to use photos of your space, please let me know and I will not use them. We can use them to reflect on how much the space has changed during the process

  • Will you shop for organization products for me?

Yes. I charge a fee of $25 an hour to search, order/buy, and time in stores. 

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