About Lori 

Professional Organizer Lori Hager in cheerful studio
My Story


I was never someone that anyone would label as a "organized," but I always felt like I understood how much my personal items had meaning and importance. My past relationships with "stuff" can be summarized as caring, but disconnected. I didn't recognize how much I underused and under appreciated my belongings until I began to examine the time and energy spent managing all of my things. I began to see how frustrating it was to misplace basic, valuable, and life enriching items, even though I thought I knew exactly where I had placed them. As I learned how to organize my belongings around my lifestyle, instead of organizing them arbitrarily around my house, my mind and house began to declutter themselves room by room.

I've always loved to organize someone else's stuff. I have always struggled with going through my own things. Pack rat tendencies run in my family to varying degrees, and my art studio (among other areas) needs to be purged more often than not. In the past I found it much easier to focus on other peoples "problems" rather than my own chaos. Once I realized my clutter was the main factor holding back my dreams, I knew it was time for a change.

I received artistic training from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a Bachelors in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Illustration. My years there helped hone my natural strengths of design, themes, and finely detailed projects. I gravitated towards illustration because drawing came easily to me. Unfortunately, upon graduation I realized the easiest path isn't always the most fulfilling. I wanted to work with my hands, build useful objects, and of course, save the planet! I was a frugal pack rat with an eye for interesting "garbage". Repurposing or Upcycling something someone else regarded as trash became a lifelong journey. Which is the main reason why my studio needs to be regularly purged. There's just so much good garbage out there! I've since narrowed down my projects to be focused on repurposing goods into functional organization tools, such as baskets, bins, and sorting systems. 

Now I get great joy bringing my passions together working with clients to clear up clutter from their lives. Each person has a different lifestyle, personality, and goal for what organizing can help them achieve.  Each space has a different opportunities of usefulness. When it all comes together within a home, the client and I feel a great sense of ease and excitement. I thrive on the feeling of finishing a job, cutting down the excess clutter, and finding the true joy in what you keep.

I do it because I know how having a clear useful space in my own home has freed up time in my life. I do it because I know others want that same feeling. And I do it because I know we all deserve to enjoy our lives and have the things in our lives support that enjoyment.